Our community-driven projects bring us together, support the neighborhood, and advocate for our community vision!

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Windows of Little Bronze Tokyo 2024

Shodō for Little Tokyo

4th/Central Cold Storage

The 4th and Central project is a large development being proposed at the edge of Little Tokyo. It covers 7.5 acres and will be mixed use, with 10 buildings ranging in size from 6 to 44 stories tall.

Hiro's Bokashi Club

Learn the Okinawan tradition of Bokashi composting—an easy, and less smelly composting process for your home, garden, balcony, or business!

Little Tokyo Composts!

Historical Tours

SLT Community Visions

Little Tokyo is updating our Community Vision for what we want built on the First Street North and Mangrove blocks!

Protecting Ibasho: The Impact of Arts & Culture in Little Tokyo

An important new report that examines the economic and socio-political impact of arts and culture in Little Tokyo. Now available for download!

Youth Arts Workshops

Nikkei Music Reclamation Project

3 emerging musicians. 138 years of uncovered history.

First Street North


FandangObon Festival

Art @ 341 FSN

Azusa Street Improvements

Historic Grapefruit Trees

Metro Center Street Project Banner Artworks

Food Recovery at Obons

Windows of Little Tokyo 2019