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Arriving summer 2022!

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Sustainable Little Tokyo ReVision
Sustainable Little Tokyo is updating our Community Vision 2013 for what we want built on the First Street North, Mangrove, and the Metro Regional Connector station—the last remaining pieces of publicly-owned land in Little Tokyo! We have learned a lot over the past 8 years, and it's time to expand our vision for a culturally, economically, and environmentally sustainable Little Tokyo for future generations!

Community Workshops

In order to make sure our work is accessible and equitable during the pandemic health crisis, we paused community engagement. Community members will re-imagine the possibilities for First Street North, Mangrove, and the Metro Regional Connector station through a series of conversations, community forums, surveys, and creative workshops, similar to SLT 2020. We will continue to fight for equitable, community-driven development, while also finding the ways we will recover, heal, and thrive after the COVID-19 crisis, and build solidarity with Black, Tongva, and other POC communities who are fighting for their futures!

Stay tuned for community workshops, both online and offline.

See our SLT Community Vision 2013 and short-term strategies and projects in SLT 2020 below!