Metro Center Street Project Banner Artworks

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Metro Center Street Project Banner Artworks

L: Bond/Nisei, R: Precious/Arthur Two of six noren, Japanese doorway fabrics used for welcoming and protection, that depict local residents from the past and present with traditional Japanese calligraphy.

JACCC and our SLT partners have long-time relationships with the community surrounding Metro Emergency Security Operations Center (ESOC): a historically significant intersection of Little Tokyo, Arts District, and Boyle Heights. We welcome this opportunity to deepen relationships with our stakeholders east of Alameda St through art that can celebrate and bring together our historic, multi-ethnic Japantown.

Meet the artists!

Susu Attar is a multimedia artist who was born in Baghdad and raised in Los Angeles, where she is currently based. Throughout the various manifestations of her work, Susu leads the viewer on a search for moments of empathy and transformation. The viewer is engaged in a meditation on the fundamental importance of bearing witness, the work of art (its status as object and action), and the hope that lies in the transformative potential of the artistic gesture.

Kuniharu “Kuni” Yoshida is a Japanese calligrapher and hip-hop dancer. He collaborates with artists to combine sublime arts from both traditions, merging traditional with the contemporary. Respect between cultures is the foundation of Kuni’s unique work, designed to intertwine not just art but also audiences. He finds art is a great way to increase understanding amongst people of varied backgrounds while communicating one’s culture in a simple and easy to understand manner. Kuni has been involved in various Little Tokyo programs and events, such as LTSC +LAB Artists Residency, Nisei Week Festival, and more.