Little Tokyo Composts!


Open Compost Hours:
EVERY FRIDAY 9:00 –11:00 AM
Bins located off the pedestrian path btwn JACCC & Little Tokyo Towers

Welcome to Little Tokyo Composts! Sustainable Little Tokyo's Compost Bin is helping our neighborhood go green and minimize food waste!

What can be added to the Compost Bin?

How should I add to the Compost Bin?

  1. Add your food waste to 1st bin on the left. (No plastic bags)
  2. Cover food waste with ‘browns’ from the container next to the compost bin.

"Anytime Drop Off " Bin

Can't make it to the Compost Bin on Fridays? Now you can drop off your organic waste any time that is convenient for you! Sign up for access to the "Anytime Drop Off" bin! Send an email to to learn more.