First Street North

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Save Little Tokyo!
Stop the erasure of our historic community!


Image by Scott Oshima

First Street North is at risk. Located behind Japanese American National Museum, Far Bar, Fugetsu-Do, and more, First Street North is one of the last 3 remaining pieces of land that can be controlled by the community — or sold off to the highest bidders if the city doesn’t hear our voice.


Rafu Shimpo articles by Kenji Lui

Image by Mike Murase

Historic Heart of Little Tokyo

First Street North is home to some of our most important cultural institutions, legacy businesses, and historic sites—and we could lose them all to rising rent and gentrification.

Why Little Tokyo Matters

Our Community Vision

Over 200+ community members created the Sustainable Little Tokyo Community Vision to ensure a healthy, equitable, and culturally rich Little Tokyo for generations to come.

From the Sustainable Little Tokyo Community Vision 2013

What You Can Do!