SLT 2013

Environment Economy Culture

In 2013, Sustainable Little Tokyo embarked on a community-based vision process to design a scheme for equitable and sustainable development of three pieces of public, city-owned land: First Street North, the Mangrove block, and suggestions for the Metro Regional Connector station site.

Beginning in 2012, over 200 Little Tokyo community stakeholders undertook a visioning project recognizing that this over 130-year old neighborhood faces a crossroads to a new future. The new Little Tokyo/Arts District Regional Connector station will be key to this future, bringing attention and new life as it is expected to become one of the busiest transit stations in Los Angeles County.

We now have a vision for sustainable development that brings us into the future. It is a vision to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, promote the local economy, address social equity and access for all incomes and backgrounds, and preserve this neighborhood’s unique Japanese American cultural heritage. Our goal was to establish a grass-roots vision grounded in and highlighting the cultural and historical assets of this resilient neighborhood.