SLT 2020

Environment Economy Culture

Sustainable Little Tokyo 2020 (SLT2020) is a community-driven initiative to provide a range of immediate improvements and short-terms actions that strengthen and support the cultural, economic, environmental development of the historic neighborhood by 2020.

Street Engagements & Community Forums

For six months in 2017, we asked community leaders and advocates, residents, seniors, small businesses, and visitors what they would like to see in Little Tokyo by the year 2020. Using engagement tools such as arts-based model making, mapping, street-side inquiries, and door-to-door surveys, we had over 230 people share their visions for the neighborhood. By 2020, we would like to celebrate the vibrant history of Little Tokyo while continuing to fight for the self-determination and equitable development of the neighborhood that serves the people of this community.

SLT Long-term Vision

In 2013, in response to plans for the Metro Regional Connector station as the busiest transit hub in LA County, Sustainable Little Tokyo embarked on a community-based vision process to design a scheme for First Street North, the Mangrove block, and suggestions for the Metro station site. Over 200 community members created the Sustainable Little Tokyo 2013 vision for equitable and sustainable development of three pieces of public, city-owned land.