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About the Sustainable Little Tokyo Team

Celeste Shimoura Goedert
Director, Sustainable Little Tokyo & Community Arts

Celeste Shimoura Goedert is the Director of Sustainable Little Tokyo & Community Arts at the Japanese American Cultural & Community Center. As a mixed race yonsei hailing from Michigan, Celeste is excited to have the opportunity to learn more about the rich history of Little Tokyo and connect with fellow community members organizing for multiracial and multigenerational solidarity and community empowerment.

Amy Honjiyo
Cycle of Food Coordinator

Amy Honjiyo is actively involved in the Little Tokyo community, including coordinating Hiro's Bokashi Club and Little Tokyo Composts. Her approach to sustainability is informed by Zen philosophy of “mottainai.” Amy holds a Master of Science degree in Health Care Administration background.

Emi Osaki
Project Manager, Sustainable Little Tokyo & Community Arts

Emi is the Project Manager of Sustainable Little Tokyo & Community Arts at the Japanese American Cultural & Community Center. She is a second-generation Japanese-Korean American with a BS in Society and Environment and a minor in Food Systems from UC Berkeley. Growing up in the restaurant industry, Emi realized from a young age that food is one of the major ways we keep our culture alive. With backgrounds in education, urban agriculture, and food justice work, Emi hopes to preserve and push forward ancestral foodways, creating intergenerational spaces for individuals to reconnect with their cultural identity and local ecosystems.

Kristin Fukushima
Managing Director of the Little Tokyo Community Council

Kristin Fukushima is the Managing Director of the Little Tokyo Community Council - the nonprofit community coalition of businesses, residents, nonprofits, and other vested stakeholders, representing the interests of the Little Tokyo community. She has been involved with SLT from the onset, including as the previous Project Manager, and continues to serve on the SLT Cabinet and chair the FSN ad hoc committee. She loves that Little Tokyo is a home and special place to so many people and communities, while also being an intimate, tight-knit community where one constantly runs into people while walking around.

Grant Sunoo
Director of Planning for Little Tokyo Service Center

Grant Sunoo, he/him/his, is the Director of Planning for Little Tokyo Service Center, LTSC. He oversees LTSC’s creative place-keeping, community planning, and community organizing efforts. In 20+ years of working in Los Angeles’ non-profit sector, he has extensive experience in affordable housing development, coalition building, leadership development, program implementation, and organizational development. Grant earned a Masters of Urban Planning from the UCLA and is the proud parent of somewhat feral 6.5 year-old and 3 year-old daughters.

Andie Kimura
Cycle of Foods Committee Co-Chair

Andie Kimura is a Japanese American, fourth generation Angelino on occupied Tongva land who enjoys community, cookies, and museums. She is constantly struggling to lower her environmental footprint and urges you to do the same, lower your footprint, not the struggle. Andie is humbled to co-chair for the SLT Cycle of Foods Committee and loves the breadth and depth of work Sustainable Little Tokyo!

Megan Teramoto
Small Business Committee Co-Chair

Megan Teramoto, having grown up in the greater Los Angeles area, has spent much of her life in and around Little Tokyo. As a fourth-generation member of the St. Francis Xavier Japanese Catholic Center, Megan, and her family feel very connected to the Little Tokyo community. Before working for the Little Tokyo Service Center, Megan worked for the City of Los Angeles as a Field Deputy. In this role, she served as a liaison between the community and City services. Currently, Megan works to support the small businesses in Little Tokyo as a small business counselor and provides assistance with any day-to-day issues.